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Security Criteria for C-TPAT Foreign Manufacturers in English(one)

These minimum security criteria are fundamentally designed to be the building blocks for foreign manufacturers to institute effective security practices designed to optimize supply chain performance to mitigate the risk of loss, theft, and contraband smuggling that could potentially introduce terrorists and implements of terrorism into the global supply chain. The determination and scope of criminal elements targeting world commerce through internal conspiracies requires companies, and in particular, foreign manufacturers to elevate their security practices.
At a minimum, on a yearly basis, or as circumstances dictate such as during periods of heightened alert, security breach or incident, foreign manufacturers must conduct a comprehensive assessment of their international supply chains based upon the following CTPAT security criteria. Where a foreign manufacturer out-sources or contracts elements of their supply chain, such as another foreign facility, warehouse, or other elements, the foreign manufacturer must work with these business partners to ensure that pertinent security measures are in place and are adhered to throughout their supply chain. The supply chain for C-TPAT purposes is defined from point of origin (manufacturer/supplier/vendor) through to point of distribution – and recognizes the diverse business models C-TPAT members employ.
C-TPAT recognizes the complexity of international supply chains and security practices, and endorses the application and implementation of security measures based upon risk. Therefore, the program allows for flexibility and the customization of security plans based on the member’s business model.
Appropriate security measures, as listed throughout this document, must be implemented and maintained throughout the Foreign manufacturer’s supply chains - based on risk.
Business Partner Requirement
Foreign manufacturers must have written and verifiable processes for the selection of business partners including, carriers, other manufacturers, product suppliers and vendors (parts and raw material suppliers, etc).
Security procedures
For those business partners eligible for C-TPAT certification (carriers, importers, ports, terminals, brokers, consolidators, etc.) the foreign manufacturer must have documentation (e.g., C-TPAT certificate, SVI number, etc.) indicating whether these business partners are or are not C-TPAT certified.
For those business partners not eligible for C-TPAT certification, the foreign manufacturer must require that their business partners to demonstrate that they are meeting C-TPAT security criteria via written/electronic confirmation (e.g., contractual obligations; via a letter from a senior business partner officer attesting to compliance; a written statement from the business partner demonstrating their compliance with C-TPAT security criteria or an equivalent World Customs Organization (WCO) accredited security program administered by a foreign customs authority; or, by providing a completed foreign manufacturer security questionnaire). Based upon a documented risk assessment process, non-C-TPAT eligible business partners must be subject to verification of compliance with C-TPAT security criteria by the foreign manufacturer.

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