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Security Criteria for C-TPAT Foreign Manufacturers in English(three)

Trailer Inspection
Procedures must be in place to verify the physical integrity of the trailer structure prior to stuffing, to include the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors. The following tenpoint inspection process is recommended for all trailers:
.Fifth wheel area - check natural compartment/skid plate
.Exterior - front/sides
.Rear - bumper/doors
.Front wall
.Left side
.Right side
.Inside/outside doors
Container and Trailer Seals
The sealing of trailers and containers, to include continuous seal integrity, are crucial elements of a secure supply chain, and remains a critical part of a foreign manufacturers’ commitment to CTPAT. The foreign manufacturer must affix a high security seal to all loaded trailers an containers bound for the U.S. All seals must meet or exceed the current PAS ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.
Written procedures must stipulate how seals are to be controlled and affixed to loaded containers and trailers, to include procedures for recognizing and reporting compromised seals and/or containers/trailers to US Customs and Border Protection or the appropriate foreign authority.
Only designated employees should distribute seals for integrity purposes.
Container and Trailer Storage
Containers and trailers under foreign manufacturer control or located in a facility of the foreign manufacturer must be stored in a secure area to prevent unauthorized access and/or manipulation.
Procedures must be in place for reporting and neutralizing unauthorized entry into containers/trailers or container/trailer storage areas.
Physical Access Controls
Access controls prevent unauthorized entry to facilities, maintain control of employees and visitors, and protect company assets. Access controls must include the positive identification of all employees, visitors, and vendors at all points of entry.
An employee identification system must be in place for positive identification and access control purposes. Employees should only be given access to those secure areas needed for the performance of their duties. Company management or security personnel must adequately control the issuance and removal of employee, visitor and vendor identification badges. Procedures for the issuance, removal and changing of access devices (e.g. keys, key cards, etc.)
must be documented.
Visitors must present photo identification for documentation purposes upon arrival. All visitors should be escorted and should visibly display temporary identification.
Deliveries (including mail)
Proper vendor ID and/or photo identification must be presented for documentation purposes upon arrival by all vendors. Arriving packages and mail should be periodically screened before being disseminated.
Challenging and Removing Unauthorized Persons
Procedures must be in place to identify, challenge and address unauthorized/unidentified persons.

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