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Security Criteria for C-TPAT Foreign Manufacturers in English(four)

Personnel Security
Processes must be in place to screen prospective employees and to periodically check current employees.
Pre-Employment Verification Application information, such as employment history and references must be verified prior to employment.
Background Checks / Investigations
Consistent with foreign regulations, background checks and investigations should be conducted for prospective employees. Once employed, periodic checks and reinvestigations should be performed based on cause, and/or the sensitivity of the employee’s position.
Personnel Termination Procedures
Companies must have procedures in place to remove identification, facility, and system access for terminated employees.
Procedural Security
Security measures must be in place to ensure the integrity and security of processes relevant to the transportation, handling, and storage of cargo in the supply chain.
Documentation Processing
Procedures must be in place to ensure that all information used in the clearing of merchandise/cargo, is legible, complete, accurate, and protected against the exchange, loss or introduction of erroneous information. Documentation control must include safeguarding computer access and information.
Manifesting Procedures
To help ensure the integrity of cargo, procedures must be in place to ensure that information received from business partners is reported accurately and timely.
Shipping and Receiving
Departing cargo being shipped should be reconciled against information on the cargo manifest. The cargo should be accurately described, and the weights, labels, marks and piece count indicated and verified. Departing cargo should be verified against purchase or delivery orders.
Drivers delivering or receiving cargo must be positively identified before cargo is received or released. Procedures should also be established to track the timely movement of incoming and outgoing goods.
Cargo Discrepancies
All shortages, overages, and other significant discrepancies or anomalies must be resolved and/or investigated appropriately. Customs and/or other appropriate law enforcement agencies must be notified if anomalies, illegal or suspicious activities are detected - as appropriate.
Physical Security
Cargo handling and storage facilities in international locations must have physical barriers and deterrents that guard against unauthorized access. Foreign manufacturer should incorporate the following C-TPAT physical security criteria throughout their supply chains as applicable.
Perimeter fencing should enclose the areas around cargo handling and storage facilities. Interior fencing within a cargo handling structure should be used to segregate domestic, international, high value, and hazardous cargo. All fencing must be regularly inspected for integrity and damage.
Gates and Gate Houses
Gates through which vehicles and/or personnel enter or exit must be manned and/or monitored.
The number of gates should be kept to the minimum necessary for proper access and safety.
Private passenger vehicles should be prohibited from parking in or adjacent to cargo handling and storage areas.
Building Structure
Buildings must be constructed of materials that resist unlawful entry. The integrity of structures must be maintained by periodic inspection and repair.
Locking Devices and Key Controls
All external and internal windows, gates and fences must be secured with locking devices.
Management or security personnel must control the issuance of all locks and keys.

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