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        RJC certification requires independent verification by an RJC third-party approved auditor. All auditors have passed a thorough application process and receive ongoing training. This ensures that all RJC members receive a third-party audit that is impartial, consistent and trustworthy. Our procedure for approving third-party Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and auditors is aligned with ISO 17011 and ISEAL Assurance Code.
        RJC Audit Fees
        Audit fees depend on the complexity and conditions of the audit. The nature of RJC certification programs is to provide a robust framework that can be applied to each unique business – wherever you are in the supply chain, and wherever you are on your sustainability journey. As such, it is not possible to create a standard audit fee and we rely on the insight and expertise of our independent auditors to provide fair fee structures. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with our Membership Team.
        List of RJC Approved Auditors
        RCS Global Ltd
        SGS United Kingdom Ltd
        Bureau Veritas Italia
        BSI Group
        Ernst & Young Associes (France)
        Figurad Bedrijfsrevisoren
        Intertek Italia Spa
        International Associates Limited
        ISOQAR India Private Ltd
        KPMG (Germany)
        Mazars SA
        SCS Global Services

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